Male and Female Figure Candles


Beautiful figurine candles to assist with your intentions whether it be for yourself or as a representation of someone else. Attach personal items or fashion them to have the appearance or essence of a person. Charged and blessed with oil and herbs of your choice to intensify your desired outcome or you can choose to buy them plain and fix yourself.

These are great for blessings, healing, and empowerment, or whatever your intention might be. These can also be used for relationships by using two for breakups by “fixing” them and standing them opposite each other or you can “fix” them for bringing two closer together by standing towards each other.

  • Black: spell breaking, uncrossing, crossing, banishing negativity, protection spells, protection against psychic attacks, spell workings.

  • White: multi-purpose, purify, cleanse and clear.

  • Red: make someone lust over you, think of you, desire you, and want you. Brings lust and powerful love back into a marriage or into a new love. Brings sparks and passion into sex.

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Black, White, Red


Male, Female


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