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Nested snuggly in the traditions of the Deep American South, House of Zion Spiritual Temple serves as a bridge between old school classical pentecostalism and modern mysticism. House of Zion offers a platform to heal, teach, and empower using the spiritual technology of the ancestors. Here we stand at the crossroads of MetaCostalism and EthnoMagicology.

We believe in prayer, fasting, speaking in tongues, laying hands, washing feet, prophesying, and casting out devils. However Jesus tells us that all spiritual conditions are not the same and are of various “kinds” (matthew 17:21), thus some conditions go out by one method while other conditions are chased out by other techniques . Therefore we also believe in diversifying our spiritual arsenal through the use of herbs, powders, oils, candles, and traditional rituals left to us by the elders.

We hold you all in the Light of God That Never Fails.

Our offerings and services

All offerings and services are offered to offset the cost of ministering as a temple. We are honored and deeply humbled to receive your tributes as Tithes, First Fruits, Alms, Offerings and all other contributions to celebrate the work of Zion Temple. We are excited for you to receive your gifts back blessed one thousand fold. 

Items are listed with suggested contribution amount. The offerings of the temple are not for sale, but rather as a gesture of our appreciation of your generosity. Our gifts are provided as a small token of appreciation to those choosing to celebrate the work of the temple with contributions. Therefore House of Zion Spiritual Temple makes no claims as to the efficacy of any products, goods, or services as they are strictly for faith based purposes only. 

Our Team

Our team is here to help you if you have any questions! Follow them on social media if you’d like to know them better!


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